東文研セミナー "CCP Influence Operations in Taiwan and Japan" のお知らせ


日時:2019年7月25日(木) 午前10時~12時


報告者:Russel Hsiao (Executive Director for Global Taiwan Institute, Visiting Scholar at IASA)

タイトル:CCP Influence Operations in Taiwan and Japan


As the People’s Republic of China (PRC) rises on the world stage, it is increasingly employing military and non-military tools of coercion to achieve its national objectives. Non-military pressure involves the use of diplomatic, economic, military instruments for political ends, and, in particular, “sharp power” instruments that disseminates propaganda, undermine democratic institutions, and exploit cultural institutions to affect political intercourse in ways favorable to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) interests. Indeed, the PRC is engaged in a whole-of-government strategy that utilizes its comprehensive national power (CNP) through overt and covert means to further the CCP's “core interests.” Because Taiwan is a prime target of the CCP's political warfare, it is an important case study. However, the strategy is being applied to other countries including Japan. This presentation will provide a preliminary assessment on how the CCP is employing malign influence operations in Taiwan and Japan.


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