東文研セミナー 「Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Ritter(ウィーン大学美術史研究所教授) “Mongol Cloth of Gold and the Textile of the Ilkhan Abu Said in Vienna”」のお知らせ




The textile with Arabic inscriptions in the name of the Ilkhanid Sultan Abu Said of Iran (r. 1316–35) is an extraordinary example of cloth woven with silk and gold threads that was produced under Mongol rule in thirteenth and fourteenth centuries Asia in such quality and vast quantity as probably was never seen before or after. Few pieces survive, many of them as church garments or in princely burials of Europe. In this case, the textile was used a generation later as burial shroud of the Habsburg Duke Rudolph IV of Austria (r. 1359–65). Rediscovered in the crypt of St Stephen’s church in Vienna and kept today in the Dom Museum it has been the subject of a research project a few years ago. The talk discusses the reconstruction of the textile, its specific type with unusually large bands of panegyric inscriptions and how the main motifs may relate to what can be conceived as royal Ilkhanid iconography.

マルクス・リッター教授(ウィーン大学美術史研究所教授)は、ドイツご出身で、バンベルク、オットー・フリードリヒ大学で博士号を取得されました。アラビア語圏の建築及び建築装飾、絵画、イスラーム美術のヨーロッパでの受容、「イスラーム」美術史の歴史を中心テーマに研究され、主要著作にMoscheen und Madrasabauten in Iran 1785–1848: Architektur zwischen Rückgriff und Neuerung, Leiden, Boston: Brill [2005] 2006; (with Nourane Ben Azzouna) Der Goldkoran: aus der Zeit der Seldschuken und Atabegs, Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 2015; Der umayyadische Palast des 8. Jahrhunderts in Ḫirbat al-Minya am See von Tiberias: Bau und Baudekor,Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2017があります。

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