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Dr. Valérie GONZALEZ (History of Islamic Art, University of Richmond, VA)

Aesthetic Connection versus Cultural Differentiation:
Comparing Islamic and Western Art

日時:2008年12月22日(月) 15:00〜17:00

Is it irrelevant, anachronistic or fanciful to compare Islamic and Western art or medieval and contemporary art? The question itself appears less and less relevant as the recent interest in transcultural knowledge encourages comparative approaches that transgress religious, chronological, geographical and ethnic classifications. For example, the art critic Philippe Dagen wrote about the exhibition on Medieval Christian manuscripts in the Louvre, “Paris 1400, Les arts sous Charles Ⅵ”: “One thinks about Matisse, Durer”.
The theme of this talk illustrates this transdisciplinary and transcultural approach of art that consists in considering different works in the light of their mutual aesthetic connections, as if they belonged to an imaginative geography free of cultural, temporal and space boundaries. I will talk about the epistemological issue of aesthetic connection versus cultural differentiation by comparing two buildings apparently apart from each other in many terms, cultural, religious, etc.: the Comares Hall in the fourteenth-century palace of the Alhambra and a square construction by the contemporary American artist James Turrell in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. These two constructions may appear radically distinct in terms of cultural affiliation but they do share common topological features, visual concepts and artistic strategies. Beyond any obvious cultural determinism, an analogous aesthetic phenomenology relates meaningfully these two artworks. I will argue that this comparison has helped to solve problems concerning the understanding of the complex Comares Hall’s Islamic aesthetics.

主要著書: Insights on Islamic Aesthetics, Visual Culture and History/Shvatanja Islamske Estetike, Visualne Kulture I Historije, Bilingual edition English/Bosnian language, 2006, Sarajevo; Le piège de Salomon, La pensée de l'art dans le Coran, Albin Michel, Collection Chaire de l’IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe), Paris, 2002 ; Beauty and Islam, Aesthetics of Islamic Art and Architecture, London-New York, 2001; Emaux d'al-Andalus et du Maghreb, Aix-en-Provence, 1994.

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