Tobunken Seminar : Japonya’da Sohbet-i Osmaniye-7


On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the Tobuken Seminar, "Japonya'da Sohbet-i Osmaniye-7" was held at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo. This workshop has been organized since 2009 to bring together younger scholars of Ottoman history in Japan and leading Ottomanists from abroad in order to promote academic exchange and dialogue. This time, two PhD students and a post-doctoral researcher presented their research papers, which was responded to and discussed by Professor Gülay Yılmaz of Akdeniz University, who specializes in the history of the Ottoman Janissaries. Dr. Suemori discussed how the punishment for sea robbery began to change in the seventeenth century, based on the archival documents in Venice, while Ms. Aiiso examined the role of the Derya Beyi ships, which consisted of the district governors in the Archipelago province, and explained that they were responsible for participating in the imperial fleet and guarding the coastal areas. Mr. Iwata's presentation was based on his ongoing dissertation project, which examines the spatial and socio-economic structures of the wharves in eighteenth century Istanbul. After giving an overview of Istanbul's wharves as a whole, he used several wharves as examples to discuss the use of space by guild organizations and other aspects. In response to these reports, Professor Yılmaz asked various questions in terms of sources, terminologies, and relationship with previous studies, which was followed by a lively discussion.


2024年1月23日東文研セミナー 2024年1月23日東文研セミナー
2024年1月23日東文研セミナー 2024年1月23日東文研セミナー


Event Details:

Date and time : January 23 (Tue), 2024, 4pm-6pm

Venue: First Meeting Room, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo

Program :

Haruka Sueomori (JSPS, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Punishment of Harâmî at Sea in Ahdnâme and the Ottoman Criminal Law
Naoko Aiiso (Keio University)
The Derya Beyi Ships as the Ottoman Coast Guard in the Reign of Mehmed III and Ahmed I
Kazuma Iwata (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Trade, Territory, and Guilds: A Spatial and Socio-Economic Analysis of Guilds' Trades in 18th Century Istanbul Wharves – Prospects for My PhD Dissertation
Gülay Yılmaz (Akdeniz University)
Jun Akiba (IASA, U Tokyo)