Tobunken Seminar/ International Workshop “Living Text: The Qur’an, Gender Justice, and Muslims Today”

We cordially invite you to our International Workshop on the Qur’an and gender justice among Muslims today.

Date & Time: Thursday, May 25, 2017 5:30-7:30 pm

Venue: Main Conference Room, Institution for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

Language: English

Chair:Junko Toriyama (JSPS, Obirin University)
5:30 Opening Remark by Kazuo Morimoto (IASA)
5:35 Introduction to the Islam-Gender Project by Eiji Nagasawa (Project Leader/ IASA)
5:45 Japanese Translations of the Qur’an and the ‘Gender Justice’ by Emi Goto (ASNET/ IASA)
6:15 The Qur’an, Gender Justice, and Muslim Women’s Activism Today by Juliane Hammer (University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill)
6:45 Discussion
7:25 Closing

Fees: No charge

Contact: islam_gender[at] (Office)

Organizers:Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia(IASA), The University of Tokyo
JSPS Grants-in-aid for Research/Basic Research A: Towards the construction of ‘Islam& Gender Studies’: Building foundations for comprehensive discussion on gender justice and Islam (Project Leader: Eiji Nagasawa)

Co-organizers:University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill
Network for Education and Research on Asia (ASNET), The University of Tokyo