The Global Japan Studies Summer Program 2018: AN INQUIRY INTO JAPAN’S POSTWAR


The 3rd annual Global Japan Studies summer program "AN INQUIRY INTO JAPAN’S POSTWAR was successfully held from July 30 - August 10. Participants include 19 undergraduate and graduate students from overseas universities and one student from the University of Tokyo. Overseas universities are Chinese University of Hong Kong at Shenzhen, Vassar College, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, New York University Shanghai, University of Saint Andrews, Sciences Po Paris, University of Nottingham, University of Arizona, University of Cambridge, University of Alberta, University of Hong Kong, National Tsinghua University, Taiyuan Normal University, University of Toronto, Shanghai International Studies University, as well as Tsukuba University. Participants come from different fields of study and different countries, creating a community of diversity.

During the 12-day program, students attended Japanese lessons and lectures given by University of Tokyo professors on various dimensions of and approaches to postwar Japan. Following the morning lecture, students had lunch discussion with the professor. In the afternoon, participants went to visit sites closely related to lectures, including the Sanya area, Yasukuni Shrine, Nisshin Cup Noodle Museum, Kajima construction corporation, Okamoto Taro Museum, and Tokyo bay sites for the 2020 Olympic Games. Participants raised many questions about the lecture and field trip topics such as poverty and university design, and engaged in productive discussions with professors and among themselves.

The final day was group presentations when participants showed their group research results they conducted in two days prior. The program concluded with conferment of the program certificate and a farewell party on August 10.

Engineer Hara explaining universal design at Kajima Cooperation Headquarters.

Lunch discussion with Prof Shirahase Sawako.

Making our own noodle at Nisshin Cup Noodle Museum.

Group photo at Panasonic Center Olympic floor.

Organizer: The Global Japan Studies Network (GJS)

Co-organizer: Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo