Young Researchers' Workshop in 2018

Date and time: 11th July (Wed) 14~18:00

Venue: Conference Room 1 (2nd Floor), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

Language: English

Research Report: Presentation 15-20mins, Comment and Discussion 30mins/ 1session

1.Dr. Yang-Yu (Ph.D. in Art History (2018), Columbia University)
  "Competition and Collaboration: Rediscovering the Urban Dynamics in Manchuria, 1898-1932"

2.Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bachelet (Ph.D candidate in in History, University of Lyon)
  "Networking early modern Japan-Vietnam relations : William Adam's 1617 travel to Hôi An"

3.MS. Yu-Han Serena Ma (Ph.D. candidate in East Asian Studies, Princeton University)
  "Serving the Nation: Education and State Ideology in Late Meiji and Taishō Japan."

4.Ms. Yuko Nakamura(Ph.D. candidate in Buildings-Landscapes-Culture, the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee )
  "Socializing Ladies and the Making of Counterpublics: Gender, Class, and Public Space in Modern Tokyo."

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