RICAS Seminar “Dynamics of Image Creation on China in Comparative Perspectives”

Time:13:30-17:50, October 25, 2017

Venue:First Conference Room (3rd Fl.), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia,Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo

The rise of China has a large impact on neighboring societies in East Asia. Economic opportunities are very attractive to business people who are seeking for profit making in prospering Chinese market, while income discrepancy is enlarging due to different “reward” of the access to China. Territorial issues as well as other diplomatic issues might result in strong tension with China, while increasing number of inbound tourists from China is of crucial importance to local economy in these societies. News reports as well as academic frame though which the rise of China is understood and interpreted might be creating good/bad image on China. Emerging new young generations who are grown up in changing social, economic, political, international as well as educational environments might have different image on China compared with their older generations.
Needless to say, image creation on China is dynamic. In order to understand the dynamism of image creation, it is crucial to see the process in historical as well as comparative perspectives. It’s quite possible that one factor (increase of inbound tourists, for example) might be creating negative image on China in one country, but not in other countries. If so, we need to identify which factors are creating different impact so that we can generalize our observations.
In this seminar, we’ll invite experts from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan who have conducted chronological survey of each society’s views on China to (1) share main findings from each survey, (2) discuss and identify factors affecting on the image on China, and (3) create hypotheses for the further research in the future.

Detail(Program) of this event is announced at RICAS's Homepage.