Searching for the Means of Coexistence: From Experiences and Ideas Across the World

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Date & Time:Thursday, 31 August, 2017 1:30-6:00 pm

Venue:Main Conference Room, 3rd floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo


With the rapid advance of globalization in recent years in a variety of fields, the trends towards facilitating division of people have become prominent, as witnessed in the increasing popularity of terms like “national particularism”, “anti-immigrant sentiment”, “hate speech”. How can we talk about the meaning and the value of coexistence in such an era? Starting with this question, we would like to exchange information on living situations and specific efforts towards coexistence made in various parts of the world, as well as various ideas grown therein, and would like you to think together with us about how the modern world should look like.


1:30 Opening Remarks (Prof. Takafumi Ishida, Director, ASNET)
1:40 Rational of the Workshop (Dr. Emi Goto, ASNET)
1:50 Lecture 1
Dr.Ali Khan (Ashoka University, India)
“Piery, a Means of Coexistence? Three Spaces of Harmony, Dargah, Mushaira, Ashura”
  Lecture 2
Dr. Akihiko Kamoshita(ANESC, UTokyo)
“Coexistence and Natural Environmental Science: Examples of Lotus and Rice)“
2:50 Break
3:10 Q&A
3:30 Special Reports
Abstracts are HERE
  1. Shun EHARA (Gunma Prefectural Chuo Secondary School)
"Islam education for Japanese students"
  2. Hanna BOND & Aya TORIYAMA (Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies)
"Knowing and understanding"
  3. Naoyuki SOMA (Graduate school of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo)
"Both two and one am I? Encounters in Goethe"
  4. Tang HAOWEN (Graduate School of medicine and Faculty of Medicine, UTokyo)
"Modern western and traditional Chinese medicine in East Asia: A medical perspective of coexistence"
  5. Vivek DESHMUKH, Akihiko KAMOSHITA, Nelson AMEZQUITA (ANESC, UTokyo)
"Peace deal in Colombia and a new rise for agriculture!"
  6. Pichayanun SUWANMONTRI (ANESC, UTokyo)
"Bridging scientific innovation and scientists to local farmers: Approach for harmonizing future agricultural development"
  7.Phoura Y, Akihiko KAMOSHITA, Vivek DESHMUKH (ANESC, UTokyo)
"Study of 'thick root' of rice for improving production under rainfed drought-prone ecosystems"
  8.Liu YANG, Akihiko KAMOSHITA, Luyen PHAN (ANESC, UTokyo)
"Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) measured by a hand-held optical sensor can optimize nitrogen input for production and environment"
  9.Akiko ITAHASHI (Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, UTokyo)
"Why do we kill our neighbors?"
  10.Miwako SUGIMORI (Graduate school of Education, UTokyo)
"Support system for children living with a mentally ill parent: Living together within community system"
  Report from the field:
Raghad ADLY (Association for Aid and Relief, Japan)
“Real-life coexistence stories from Syria and what happened”
4:30 Comments & Keynote
Prof. Masaya Kobayashi (Faculty of Law, Politics & Economics, Chiba University)
“How can we commit? What can we do?“
5:00 Discussion
5:50 Closing Remarks
6:00 Post-workshop party (at Lobby, IASA)



Organizers:The University of Tokyo Network for Education and Researches on Asia (ASNET)
       The Asian Natural Environmental Science Center (ANESC)


Co-organizers:Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA)
        Group B01: Norms & Identity, Relational Studies on Global Crises (Project Leader, Keiko Sakai)