Prize of “ Livre de l’Académie d’Architecture” for Vocabulaire de la spatialité japonaise(CNRS Editions)

鵜飼研究員が共同執筆した 『日本の生活空間』がフランス建築学会賞(書籍部門)を受賞

The Japanese-French architectural dictionary Vocabulaire de la spatialité japonaise [The Vocabulary of Japanese Living Space](CNRS Editions), in which our Research Fellow, Atsuko Ukai was responsible for the entries for “Japanese paper” and “play,” received a prize from the l’Academie d’architecture in France (Prix du Livre de l’Académie d’Architecture 2014).

This dictionary is an ambitious work with about 200 keywords for understanding Japan from an architectural and cultural point of view, including special terms used in Japanese architectural space such as karesansui [rock garden] and tsuboniwa [inner (small) garden] as well as terms such as madori [house plan/layout] and buruu sheeto [blue sheet (tarp)] with deep connections to everyday Japanese life.