The 57th Tobunken-ASNET Seminar

The 57th Tobunken-ASNET seminar will be held as follows.
This seminar is open to public without entry.

Date:11th October, 2012. 17:00-18:00

Venue:Main Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo

Presenter:Thomas Wilkins(Senior Lecturer, Centre for International Security Studies, University of Sydney/ Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)

Title: “Korean Unification and the Future of Regional Security Order”

Language :English

This talk will present research undertaken on the question of Korean peninsula reunification and its impact upon the regional security order. At present, the Asia-Pacific region is in a state of flux as the power of the United States wanes, and that of its superpower rival, China, continues to rise. The presentation outlines the effects that peninsula unification will have on the role of Korea in the future security order and how the major powers: the US, China and Japan will respond to the challenges it raises.

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