Tobunken Seminar (IASA Seminar) July 7, 2011

Title : Research Sources on Mongolian Studies and Mongolian Legal Studies
Lecturer : Prof. Narantsogt (Inner Mongolian University, Visiting Fellow of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo)
Date : 7/July/2011
Time and place : 3pm - 5pm at the Meeting Room 1 in IASA
Language : Chinese ( without interpretation)
Substance : After surveying the Mongolian Environment ,the history of nomadic people , and formation of Mongolian, this seminar reviews the research sources and studies on Mongolian legal history, especially in Japan. Mongol .China, Russia and Soviet Union.
Entry : No entry is requested.

Hosted by Regular Research Project of An Attempt at the Integration of Studies in the Traditional , Modern and Contemporary Chinese Legal Systems(Prof. TAKAMIZAWA , Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, Univ. of Tokyo )