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Department of East Asian Studies (ii),
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

The History and Culture of Chinese Paintings

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  • Tsukamoto Maromitsu, Translated by SARA SUMPTER. “Tessai and His Space of Seclusion : Ike Taiga, Su Dongpo, Shitao, and the Collecting of Shinwatari Chinese Paintings.” Frank Feltens ed. Japan in the Age of Modernization: The Arts of Ōtagaki Rengetsu and Tomioka Tessai. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution; National Museum of Asian Art,SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION SCHOLARLY PRESS, 2023: 113-138. [Link]
  • Tsukamoto Maromitsu, Trad. par Tanabe Megumi, Rémy Cordonnier et Benoît Grévin. “La collection des palais impériaux chinois et la genèse de la culture extrême-orientale : la renaissance du « pavillon secret » (Bige) chez les Song du Sud et la transformation du monde bouddhique dans la région du Jiangnan.”Édité par Atsushi Egawa, Marc Smith, Megumi Tanabe, Hanno Wijsman Horizons médiévaux d’Orient et d’Occident Regards croisés entre France et Japon, Paris: Éditions de la Sorbonne 2022.10: 49-86.
  • Tsukamoto, Maromitsu. “Frictions in Universal Contexts and Individual Values: Chinese Paintings at the Toyokan.”Orientations, no. Volume 44,Number 5 2013: 40-47. [Link]
  • Tsukamoto, Maromitsu. “On “Overseas Calligraphy”: An Investigation into the Historical Role of Fine Art Diplomacy and the Collection of Articles in the Northern Sung.”Transactions of the International Conference of Eastern Studies, no. No.50 2006: 97-116. [Link]
  • Tsukamoto, Maromitsu. “Ichikawa Beian Collection: Transitional Period of Collecting Chinese Art in Japan.” Presented at the Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections” Scholars’Day Symposium, Los Angeles County Museum, May 28 2014.
  • Tsukamoto, Maromitsu. “Remodeling Chinese Paintings in Edo Japan: Chan Yue’s Arhats and Their Restructuring as Triptychs.” Presented at the College Art Association 102nd Annual Conference, Chicago, February 13 2014.


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