Research Faculty

Jiyoon KIM

Jiyoon KIM

Assistant Professor
Department of Pioneering Asian Studies,
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia
Research theme: Socio-cultural histories of global mobility and global imagination

Socio-cultural History of Global Mobility

Research Topics

Jiyoon Kim is an assistant professor at Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia in the University of Tokyo and working for GAS (Global Asian Studies) Initiative at IASA, started in 2022. She was trained in the fields of media and cultural studies as well as interdisciplinary Asian studies in South Korea and Japan. Her research examines socio-cultural histories of global mobility both as imagined and institutionalized, and she has been working on this topic mainly with South Korean cases in the 1980s since her PhD project.

Research activities

  • Jinwoo Choi, Jiyoon Kim, Saemee Kim, ChunHeung Mo, Jiwon Suh, Dal Yong Jin, Junsung Han. “Revitalization of Hallyu Content: ASEAN Region’s Perspective”: Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2021. (in Korean) [Link]
Articles and Book Chapters
  • Sojeong Park, Jiyoon Kim, Siyeon Jang, Taejun Chae. “A Study on the Development and Limitations of Korean Multiculturalism through the Analysis of Sam Okyere’s Star Image.” Media, Gender & Culture. Vol. 36(1), 2021: 99-143. (in Korean) [Link]
  • Marcia C. Schenck, Jiyoon Kim. “A Conversation about Global Lives in Global History: South Korean overseas travelers and Angolan and Mozambican laborers in East Germany during the Cold War.” L’Atelier du Centre de recherches historiques. Vol. 18, 2018: 1-28. [Link]
  • Kim, Jiyoon. “On the Move: A Comparative Study on the Correlation Between Travel Experience and Social Activism.” Risk in East Asia. Edited by Shigeto Sonoda: Keisō Shobō, 2013. (in Japanese)
  • Ye-ran Kim, Dan-bi Yoo, Ji-yoon Kim. “Disarticulated dynamics of ethnicity, gender and class Analysis of transnational love narrative and capitalism discourse in TV ‘multicultural dramas’.” Media & Society. Vol. 17(1), 2009: 2-41. (in Korean) [Link]
  • Sang-Gil Lee, Seul-Hi Lee, Jiyoon Kim. “Diversification of screen technologies and transformation of experience of film consumption – A qualitative study on young movie downloaders.” Media & Society. Vol. 17(1), 2008: 148-189. (in Korean) [Link]
  • Kim, Jiyoon. “Global mobility in the 1980s in South Korea.” Presented at the 1st Global Asian Studies Joint Workshop, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, March 24 2023.


Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan
M.A. in Visual Communication, Yonsei University, South Korea
B.A. in Mass Communication, Yonsei University, South Korea
YearAcademic experience
Yonsei University, Graduate School of Communication & Arts, South Korea (2021-2022)
Yong In University, South Korea (2021-2022)