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(中島 隆博)


Table of Contents

List of Abbreviation & Conventions
Introduction, Michiko Yusa, Western Washington University, USA

Part I: Making of Modern Japanese Philosophy: Phenomenology as a Case in Point
1. Phenomenology in Japan: Its Inception and Blossoming, Keiichi Noe, Tohoku University, Japan

Part II: Social and Political Themes
2. Confucianism in Modern Japan, Takahiro Nakajima, The University of Tokyo, Japan
3. The Political Thought of the Kyoto School: Beyond 'Questionable Footnotes' and 'Japanese-style Fascism', Kenn N. Steffensen, The University of Cork, Ireland
4. Metanoetics for the Dead and the Living: Tanabe Hajime, Karaki Junzo, & Moritaki Ichiro on the Nuclear Age, Nobuo Kazashi, Kobe University, Japan
5. In the Wake of 3.11 Earthquake of 2011: Philosophy of Disaster and Pilgrimage, Cheung Ching-yuen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Part III: Aesthetics
6. The Aesthetics of Tradition: Making the Past Present, Michele F. Marra
7. Bodily-Present Activity in History-An Artistic Streak in Nishida Kitaro's Thought, Enrico Fongaro, Tohoku University, Japan
8. In Search of an Aesthetics of Emptiness: Two European Thinkers, Raquel Bouso Garcia, University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Part IV: Some Prominent 20th Century Thinkers

9. Watsuji Tetsuro: Accidental Buddhist? An Introduction, Steve Bein, University of Dayton, USA
10. Encounter in Emptiness: The I-Thou Relation in Nishitani Keiji's Philosophy of Zen, Bret W. Davis, Loyola University Maryland, USA
11. Creative Imagination, Sensus Communis, and the Social Imaginary: Miki Kiyoshi and Nakamura Yujiro in Dialogue with the Contemporary Western Philosophy, John W. M. Krummel, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA
12. Nishida Kitaro as a Philosopher of Science, Keiichi Noe, Tohoku University, Japan

Part V: Philosophical Dialogue on Gender & Life
13. Japanese and Western Feminist Philosophies: A Dialogue, Erin McCarthy, St. Lawrence University, USA
14. Affirmation via Negation: Zen Philosophy of Life, Sexual Desire, and Infinite Love, Michiko Yusa, Western Washington University, USA

Appendix: Two Essays by Nishida Kitaro
"The Beauty of Calligraphy"
"On Japanese Short Poetry, Tanka"

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Index of Japanese texts cited
Index of names and terms


中島 隆博
"Confucianism in Modern Japan" 所収 "The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Contemporary Japanese Philosophy" ed. Michiko Yusa ,Bloomsbury Academic
391pages, 2017年9月
ISBN: 978-1474232685


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