アジア社会学コンソーシアムによるスピー チ 「アジアにおける外国人教授たち:日中韓新における調査の知見」


その第1回目として、韓国・高麗大学の助教(assistant professor)で国際経営が専門のファビアン・J・フローゼ(Fabian J.Froese)氏に、日本、韓国、中国、シンガポールの大学に勤務する外国人教員を対象にした調査結果をご紹介いただき、比較社会学的視点から議論を展開していただきました。


日時:  2010年10月26日(火)午後1時~3時
場所:  東洋文化研究所3階大会議室
講師:  ファビアン・J・フローゼ(Fabian J. Froese)
言語:  英語
責任者: 園田茂人教授(


Invitation to Consortium for Asian Sociology (Lecture Series for Students in UT)

Consortium for Asian Sociology started from 2009 and we invited four lecturers abroad.  

From this year, it has come to be financially supported by JSPS Asia-Africa Scientific Platform Program “Frontier of Comparative Studies of Asian Societies.”
This time we've be invited Prof. Fabian J. Froese, Assistant Professor of International Management at Korea University, who has talked about the findings of his own research of foreign professors working in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore from comparative sociological perspectives.


Time:    13:00-15:00, 26th of October (Tue), 2010

Venue:   Big Meeting Room, 3rd fl., Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

Speaker: Prof. Fabian J. Froese (Assistant Professor, Korea University)

Title:   "Foreign Professors in Asia: Empirical Evidence from Surveys in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore”

SONODA, Shigeto
Professor of Sociology, Vice Director of Research and Information Center for Asian Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia & Course Director, ITASIA, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

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