教員の新著が出版されました。 Xin Yuan Zhang(張馨元) ed. "China Grain Data Assembly"

About This Book


China Grain Data Assembly offers its readers data on China’s grain production, trade, provincial transfer, and prices from the 1950’s through the 2000’s. Data on grain production and trade for 2013 and 2014 are also presented where the latest figures are available.
This book began, first, as a data collection and analyzation project that commenced in April 2014. However, it is the joint fruit of projects: (1) Collection and Analysis of Provincial and Company Grain Data in China (RICAS Research Project, Year 2014–15, affiliated with Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo) and (2) China’s Food Balance and the Role of Agribusinesses (Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B, Year 2014–16. KAKENHI Research Project No. 26850139, Xin Yuan Zhang as research representative).
This book comprises four chapters. Chapter 1 presents production data at both the national and provincial levels. Per capita production of major grains is also provided.
Chapter 2 provides data on overseas trade. Imports and exports of major grains from the 1950s through 2014 are also included. Major trade partners and domestic grain trade customs after 1996 are indicated in this chapter.
Chapter 3 is the most characteristic part of this book in that it comprises data on China’s domestic grain trade and transfer (国内贸易和粮食调拨) at the provincial level under the planned economy. This chapter also contains purchase and sales figures from state-owned grain companies after the 2004 reform in which these companies were either privatized or reorganized to further promote the marketization of the grain distribution system.
The grain price system was a complex of state-set prices and negotiated prices under the planned economy. Chapter 4 presents information on grain prices after the 1950s. This chapter covers prices of major and minor grains as well as operation costs when state-owned grain companies conducted provincial transfers. The latter part of Chapter 4 shows the available, albeit scarce, data on grain demand and consumption found in books published in China.
Most of the related data could only be found in materials made available by the former Ministry of Grain (currently known as the State Administration of Grain). In this regard, I made as few modifications as possible to the data to preserve the original intentions of the ministry. However, as a result of my diligence, many figures in this book differ from those announced by the National Bureau of Statistics. Please be aware of the difference when using the data.


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