ステレンボッシュ(南アフリカ)で開催された第16回世界経済史学会にて7月10日黒田教授が部会‘Monies Anonymous but Multiple: A Reason Why No Single Currency Ruled’を主宰しました。



‘Monies Anonymous but Multiple: A Reason Why No Single Currency Ruled’
16th World Economic History Congress, Stellenbosch, South Africa
10th July 2012

Arts Building 227


Part 1  830-1000  Chaired by Georgina M. Gomez

The Aims of this Session
KURODA, Akinobu/ University of Tokyo

Seasonality of Currency Circulation: Some Examples from Antiquity to Modern Times
Georges Depeyrot/ CNRS-ENS

Transport Costs and Monetization in Commercializing Economies: Medieval England and Colonial Africa Compared
Leigh Gardner/ London School of Economics

Single Currency or Multiple Currencies?: A Study of the Relationship of the Paper Currency and the Silver and Copper in Yuan Dynasty (1275-1285)
WANG, Wencheng/ Yunnan Social Science Academy

Chinese Coin and Changes in Monetary Preferences in Maritime East Asia in the 15th-16th Centuries
Richard von Glahn/ UCLA

Porcelain Token in Thailand: The Chinese Society and the Thai Global and Local Conditions in the Long Nineteenth Century
Ryuto Shimada/University of Tokyo

Circulation of Securities as Medium Denomination Currency in Japan: the Gold Standard, Local Economy and Settlement, 1897-1917
Keiichiro Kato/Ryutsu Kagaku University

Part 2  1030-1200  Chaired by Richard von Glahn
About the Nationalization of the French Means of Payments during the 19th Century
Patrice Baubeau/Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

Colonial Currencies and the Local Use of Money: The Case of Kenya in 1910s and 1920s.
Karin Pallaver/University of Bologna

The “Division of Labour” between the Argentine Currencies (2000-2005): Inspecting Complementary Monetary Circuits
Georgina M. Gomez/Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University

Paper Money Standard in 1935 China: Unification on the Top and Diversification on the Ground
KURODA, Akinobu/University of Tokyo

Michael North/University of Greifswald

General Discussion

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