Ryosuke Furui, Land and Society in Early South Asia: Eastern India 400–1250 AD, Abingdon and New York: Rouledge, 2019




 本書は中世初期、400-1250年頃の南アジア・ベンガルの農村社会の歴史的変化、特に階層的土地関係と生業に基づく社会集団が形成される過程を、碑文を中心とする史料に基づき論じたものです。本年7月の国際版(ISBN: 9781138498433)に続き、10月には南アジア版(ISBN: 9780367443542)も刊行されました。


This volume explores the process of social changes which unfolded in rural society of early medieval Bengal, especially the formation of stratified land relations and occupational groups which later got systematised as jātis.

One of the first books to systematically reconstruct the early history of the region, this book presents a history of the economy, polity, law, and social order of early medieval Bengal through a comprehensive study of land and society. It traces the changing power relations among constituents of rural society and political institutions, and unravels the contradictions growing among them. The author describes the changing forms of agrarian development which were deeply associated with these overarching structures and offers an in-depth analysis of a wide range of textual sources in Sanskrit and other languages, especially contemporary inscriptions pertaining to Bengal.

The volume will be an essential resource for researchers and academics interested in the history of Bengal, and the social and economic history of early South Asia.


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