Birgit Magdalena Tremml研究員がICAS PHD PRIZE 2013 (Humanities)を受賞しました

本研究所の Birgit Magdalena Tremml 研究員が 6月25日に
ICAS PHD PRIZE 2013 (Humanities)

対象は Birgit 研究員の博士論文
"When Political Economies Meet: Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1571-1644" (University of Vienna, 2012)

なお、本件は 6月26日のマカオの新聞(Macau Daily Times)でも報道されました。

Birgit Magdalena Tremml研究員がICAS PHD PRIZE 2013 (Humanities)を受賞
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About this prize

The ICAS Book Prize (IBP) has been established by the International Convention of Asia Scholars in 2004. It aims to create an international focus for publications on Asia while increasing their worldwide visibility. The biennial ICAS Book Prize is awarded for outstanding English-language works in the field of Asia Studies. Also prizes will be awarded to the best dissertation in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. The five awards are: - Best study in the Humanities - Best study in the Social Sciences - Best dissertation in the Humanities - Best dissertation in the Social Sciences - The Colleagues' Choice Award. In the past 10 years the ICAS Book Prize has grown from an experiment with 50 books and 5 dissertations submitted to an established prize with 250 publications of 60 publishers worldwide and 100 dissertations competing. The ICAS Book Prize is sponsored by The Kingdom of the Netherlands represented by the Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao, ICAS’ mother institution and co-host the International Institute for Asian Studies, Amsterdam University Press and the University of Macau.

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参考: Birgit Magdalena Tremml 研究員の略歴 (PDF)

参考: 東洋文化研究所 研究員のページ

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