Mosque. To the west of Mihrawli village, some 300 m west of the road leading southward from the village. Grid ref. F-13. Ill. 35a.
This mosque measures 13.2 m by 4.2 m and is three bays long and one bay deep. It has a cross-vaulted ceiling and a flat roof. The central bay has a mihrab, but a distinctive feature is that the bays on either side have a window opening in the place where additional mihrabs would be located. The couryard in front is surrounded by a low wall and broken gravestones remain scattered around. A twelve-pillared, domed tomb building stands to the northeast, and this mosque was probably built at the same time as it, connected to it in some way. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅸ-52; ASI:Ⅲ-113.

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