Mosque at Qadam Sharif. Located about 600 m north-north-west of New Delhi station, at the western end of the Qadam Sharif castle wall, some 200 m west of Qutb Road. Grid ref. H-6. Ill. 33.
This is a small mosque, three bays long and two bays deep, with a cross-vaulted ceiling and a flat roof. On the roof is an octagonal chhatri (kiosk-turret) with a roof in the shape of a pyramid. The ceiling of the mosque is, unusually, covered with banded and circular patterns, but as it is still used as a mosque, these are covered by thick whitewash. This building is thought to be connected with Qadam Sharif to the south. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅱ-7; ASI:Ⅱ-350.

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