Known as the Wazirabad Mosque. Located about 100 m northwest of the Wazirabad tank, on the south side of the canal. Grid ref. H-2, Ill. 30.
This building is five bays long and two bays deep, with domes over the central bay and the rear bays on the northern and southern sides. All the other bays have cross-vaulted ceilings. The inner bay on the northern side has a mezzanine, forming a room protected by a screen. This was perhaps the zenana, a room set aside for women. The main gate, a square domed building, is situated on the eastern side of the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard is a tomb building constructed with twelve pillars. The bridge and the water gate north of the mosque are thought to date from the same period. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅰ-1-1; ASI:Ⅱ-408.

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