チョーサト=カンバー(Chausath Khamba)とよばれていたもので,デリー門の西南約800メートル,マトゥラ=ロードの西方約600メートルにある。附図.I-6

Mosque, known as Chausath Khamba. Located 800 m southwest of the Delhi Gate and around 600 m from the Mathura Road. Grid ref. I-6, Ill. 25-26.
There is a prayer hall five bays long and one bay deep on the western side of a small courtyard, and wings measuring three bays project out to the east from the bays on the north and south ends. There is a corresponding building on the other side of the courtyard with the same ground plan of a main room with projecting wings at either end. This building, to the east, was probably used as an associated facility by the mosque. The popular name for the mosque, Chausath Khamba (lit. sixty-four pillars), probably derives from the number of pillars in this building. The mosque is still used for religious purposes, and the prayer hall is covered in whitewash. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅱ-3; ASI:Ⅱ-105.

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