Mosque of HawI Khass (Hauz Khas). Located on the southeastern side of the HawI Khass tank. Grid ref. G-11, Ill. 24.
This mosque is built at the northern end of the HawI Khass tank, adjoining a madrasa (Map O. 24, Ill. 155b-157) situated on the eastern and southern sides of the tank. It has a prayer hall nine bays wide and one bay deep and arcades on the north and south sides, each four bays wide and two bays deep. The northern one has fallen into ruin. The middle five bays of the prayer hall have a five arched facade in front of the mihrab, and a divided staircase leads down to the tank from the exterior of the central one through a square, domed chhatri (pavilion). The other four have oriel windows open to the west, and similar windows can be seen in the adjoining prayer rooms. The front courtyard of the mosque is surrounded by walls and there is a square domed gateway on the southeastern side (Photo 3). Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅵ-11-3; ASI:Ⅲ-310.

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