カーラーン=マスジッド(Kalan Masjid)あるいはカーリー=マスジッド(Kali Masjid)とよばれており,オールドデリーのトルコマーン門の西北約350メートルにある。附図.H-6

Kalan Masjid (also known as the Kali Masjid or Black Mosque). Located about 350 m northwest of the Turkman Gate in Old Delhi. Grid ref. H-6, Ill. 21.
This mosque has a courtyard measuring about 15 m from east to west and 21 m from north to south, with a prayer hall five bays long and three bays deep on the western side (Photo 2) and domed arcades one bay deep on the other three sides. Each bay of the prayer hall and the arcades (with the exception of the western side of the east gateway) is topped by a small dome. A distinctive feature of the mosque is the existence of flat-roofed rooms on either side, and to the rear, of the prayer hall. Their use is unclear. The structure is built on a plinth of arcaded cells. A conical bastion stands at each corner. A domed gateway, flanked by tapering turrets, projects to the east from the centre of the eastern arcade, and it is approached by a tall flight of stairs. A dedicatory inscription over the east gateway records that it was built in 789 A.H. (1387) and it contains the name of Firuz Shah Tughluq. The mosque remains in use today, though it has been repaired and altered over the course of the years. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅱ-2; ASI:Ⅰ-138.

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