キルキー=マスジッド(Khirki Masjid)として知られており,キルキー部落の中央にある。附図.H-12

KhiIki Masjid. Located in the middle of KhiIki village. Grid ref. H-12, Ill. 19-20.
This mosque is a large square structure of fifteen bays, built on a plinth of arcaded cells. There are projecting domed rooms in the center of each side, the western one of which contains the mihrab. The other three are gateways, at the top of flights of steps. Bastions occupy the four corners of the building, and the projecting rooms are each flanked on both sides by tapering turrets. These give the mosque its distinctive appearance. A second feature is the pointed arched windows with pierced screens (khiIkis) on the upper level of all the walls except the west; these give the mosque its name. Arcades three bays wide run around the interior on all four sides of the upper level, and the courtyard formed by these is further divided into four open squared courts by intersecting domed aisles three bays wide in a cruciform, or cross-axial, plan. Each connecting block consists of nine bays, each of which is domed. The dome in the centre of each group is somewhat larger than the rest. There is a total of 81 small domes in nine sets, which give the mosque its distinctive appearance. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅶ-29; ASI:Ⅲ-215.

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