カーリー=マスジッド(Kali Masjid)として知られており,ニザームッディーン=オーリヤーの墓の南南東約200メートルにある。附図.I-9

Kali Masjid. About 200 m south-south-east of the dargah of NiIam al-Din Awliya’. Grid ref. I-0, Ill. 17-18.
This mosque consists of a prayer hall three bays deep and eleven bays long on the western side of a central courtyard, surrounded by arcades one bay deep around the north, south and east sides, from which gateways project. Two covered aisles connect the south and north gateways and the east gateway and the central portion of the prayer hall, dividing the interior courtyard into four squares. Tapering circular turrets like minarets are built on the four corners of the mosque, and also flank the three gateways and the central mihrab at the rear. Small domes top the prayer hall, the arcades and the interior aisles. More than half of them are now in a ruinous condition. A dedicatory inscription over the east gateway is dated 772 A.H. (1370-71) and records the name of Firuz Shah Tughluq. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅲ-13; ASI:Ⅰ-240.

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