The Jum`a Masjid of the Firuz Shah KItla (fortress-palace). Situated 750 m southeast of the Delhi Gate, about 350 m east of the Mathura Road, on the northern side of the citadel. Grid ref. I-6; Ill. 15-16.
This large and imposing mosque was built on a high terraced plinth with a large number of vaulted cells on all three levels. At present all that remains is the west wall, with five recesses for mihrabs in the central section, as well as portions of other walls. Originally the prayer hall was three bays deep and opened onto a courtyard. The main entrance gateway is a domed structure projecting out on the northern side. It stands at the top of a tall staircase, and has arches opening out on three sides. The mosque faced the Jamna river, which then ran along the eastern part of the citadel (O. 7, Ill. 147-148). Contemporary records suggest the mosque was constructed during the reign of Firuz Shah Tughluq. Period Ⅱ.
IOC:Ⅱ-4-1; ASI:Ⅱ-116.


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