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Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes, PhD, Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA), University of Tokyo




Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA), University of Tokyo Executive Editor, International Journal of Asian Studies

Career History

1999.6 - 2005.5
Full-time lecturer at the National Philippine University Asia Center
2005.6 - 2012.5
Associate Professor, National Philippine University Asia Center
2012.6 - 2016.7
Associate Professor, National Philippine University Asia Center
2017.1 -
Associate Professor, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Information Informatics / Graduate School of Information Studies Asian Information Society Course Course Student Course (2017.4 -)
2012.5 - 2012.6
The Japan Foundation Short Term Fellow
2014.4 - 2014.6
National Ethnographic Museum Foreign Researcher
2015.5 - 2015.7
Kyoto University Southeast Asian Institute Visiting Researcher
2015.4 - 2015.9
Kyoto University Faculty of Literature Social Studies Lecture Part-time lecturer
2016.1 - 2016.12
Visiting researcher, The University of Tokyo Oriental Culture Research Institute International Foundation Long-term Fellow
2018.9 - 2019.3
Part-time lecturer at Sophia University general global department
2012.6 - 2016.12
Asian Studies Journal, Review Editor
2016.1 -
International Journal of Asian Studies, Executive Editor

Educational background

Graduated from Kanagawa Prefecture Shonan High School
Tokyo National University of the Arts School of Music Faculty of Music Sciences Graduate (Department of Music Studies)
Completed Masters Degree in Music Department, National University of the Philippines (Department of Music Studies)
・ Master's thesis: "Vocal Tradition and Transmission: Salidummay of Sagada, Mountain Province, Northern Philippines" (1998)
Completed doctoral course at the National Philippines University Social Sciences Philosophy Faculty (Philippine Studies major / Department of Anthropology minor)
・ Doctor thesis: "Unsettling 'Salidummay': A Historico-Ethnography of a Music Category" (2011)

1996 - 1998 Ministry of Education Asian Countries Dispatch Scholars
1998 - 1999 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholars


Society for Ethnomusicology
International Council for Traditional Music
American Anthropological Association
Association for Asian Studies
Oriental Music Society
Contemporary Folklore Society
Japanese Language Education

Current projects

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Start-up Support "Voice Archiving of Indigenous Folk Songs of the Philippines: To Understand Modernity in Asia"
(Research leader Mihiro Uono assignment number 17H 0 6583)

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) "Music communities of ethnic and cultural minorities in and from Japan"(Research Delegante Hugh assignment number 17H 02285; Research collaborator)

The University of Tokyo Oriental Culture Research Institute attached Oriental Studies Information Center
FY2003 Institution Promotion Project Center Priority Project
"Folktales in the Philippines / Bananao - Recording tribal memories"(Representative Michiyo Yoneno)

Construction of a system to reduce child abuse by supporting RISTEX caregivers
(Project Kimi Kimi; Group C Sociology Team Representative Emiko Ochiai; Research Cooperator)

The Bird Music-Dance Traditions of the Cordillera, the University of the Philippines Priority Research "Ideological Connections to Placemaking"(Project Representative Maria Christine Muyco; Collaborator)