: Muslims in China and Modernity in Eurasia: Finding a clue through the concept of “Hui” in the first half of the twentieth century”

时间: 20121206日(周四)17:00-18:00

地点: 京大学洋文化研究所3F大会

告者: 山崎典子Noriko YAMAZAKI (日本学振兴会JSPS Research Fellow)


内容提要:Historically, the term “Hui” referred to Islam and Muslims in Chinese. The purpose of this presentation is to analyze the process that has formed the concept of “nation” in modern Eurasian regions, particularly in China, by tracing the transition of the meaning of “Hui”. More specifically, I examine the “Hui” identities of Chinese-speaking Muslim Elite (religious leaders, intellectuals, journalists and so forth), focusing attention on the period of the first half of the twentieth century, when the concept of “nation”, minzu, was introduced to China.

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