题目: "Beyond the "Indian Ocean World"?: A Suggestion for the Study on the Western Indian Ocean Region in the 19th Century"

时间: 2012年11月15日(周四)17:00-18:00

地点: 东京大学东洋文化研究所3F大会议室

报告者: 片仓镇郎Shizuo KATAKURA (日本学术振兴会JSPS Research Fellow)




Historical works on the Indian Ocean region to date have assumed the concept of the self-consistent “Indian Ocean World (IOW)”, which consisted of various interdependent parts along the ocean. Should we still consider this concept as the given assumption? Emphasizing the independence or self-consistency of the “world”, the historiography on the “IOW” might alienate other regional “worlds” in the same way national histories once did one another. This presentation tries to suggest a different perspective in order to place the 19th century western Indian Ocean region in the context of the whole world of the period.

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