东文研学术研究会 "Nature of Change in Early Medieval India"

时间: 2012年9月26日(周三)15:00~17:00

地点: 东京大学 东洋文化研究所 3楼 第1会议室

报告者: Brajadulal Chattopadhyaya (Member of Council, Indian Council for Historical Research / Former Professor, Jawaharlal Ne hru University)

评语: 三田 昌彦(名古屋大学大学院文学研究科)

题目: Nature of Change in Early Medieval India

Two ideas are embedded in the title of the theme of the lecture: 1.Change, and 2. Early 'Medieval'. The way one relates to t he other has been perceived differently over time, and the object of the lecture would be to attempt a further exploration o f the relationship within the overall context of the periodization of Indian history.
The lecture will initially attempt a brief review of various ways the passage from the 'ancient' to 'early medieval/medieval ' has been envisaged. It will in particular focus on the currently dominant perspective of change in relation to early medie val India, and present a brief critique of it. It will in particular argue that the great disjuncture in this view does not satisfactorily explain continuities in later times.
The final part of the lecture will propose an alternative view of change in terms of certain basic historical processes, at the same time arguing the case for an 'early medieval' in Indian history In this view, 'early medieval' will be seen as a s ignificant intermediary phase between ancient and medieval, rather than representing a major break.

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