题目:   "从第36报告看都市河川废止伦"

时间:   2012年6月14日(周四)17:00-18:00

地点:   东京大学东洋文化研究所1楼门厅

报告者:   中村普一郎博士(东京大学生产技术研究所 特任助教)

语言::   日语

参加方法:   不需事先报名。

内容提要:   Numerous urban rivers were abolished in Tokyo during the high economic growth period of Japan. Most rivers were decided to be laid down into sewage by the so-called 36’report issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1961. In this presentation, I will show the detailed chronicle of the 36’report; thereby argues the concealed philosophy in the process of abolishment.

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