时间:   2012年5月24日(周四)17:00-18:00

地点:   东京大学东洋文化研究所1楼门厅

报告者:   寺田悠记 (日本学术振兴会 特别研究员:东京大学)

语言::   日语

参加方法:   不需事先报名。

内容提要:   Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 overturned the Pahlavi regime in Iran, contrasted visual images have often been associated with the term, “modernization” and/or “Westernization”, and "Islamization". Nonetheless, continuity of both exhibition and reception of certain visual images is seen in the Museum(s). This presentation, while introducing my current research, examines the foundation and the development of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art to suggest the insight into the aspect of continuity.

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