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Guide for Request Services of Books/Photocopies

This guide is only valid for the members of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA), the University of Tokyo. If you are not a member of IASA, Please ask your library.

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取り寄せサービスについて    About the Request Services

You can request books and photocopies from UTokyo Libraries and other university/institute libraries.
Requests can be made via MyOPAC. Please refer "User's guide for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service" for more information.
“Book delivery from UTokyo Libraries” and reading “NDL digital materials with restricted access” are free of charge. Other services are fee-based, so please check the charge and the method of payment in advance.
取り寄せた資料(学内からの PDF 取寄せ以外)は、開室時間中(平日 9:20-16:50)に東文研図書室のカウンターでお受け取りください。私費の場合はお支払い後にお受け取りいただけます。
You can receive requested materials (except PDF delivery from UTokyo Libraries) at the counter of IASA Library during the opening hours (9:20 am – 4:50 pm on weekdays). In case of private expense, you can receive them after payment.
オンラインジャーナルで文献が読める場合もあります。「E-journal & E-book Portal」のサイトなどで確認してください。
You can read some online journal articles. Please check on the site of “E-journal & E-book Portal”.
In any cases of copying, there are restrictions of copyright law. Except journal articles, more than half of each copyrighted material cannot be copied.

学内:図書取り寄せ【無料】   Book Delivery from UTokyo Libraries [Free]

You can request book delivery from UTokyo Libraries in other campuses. Click Reserve button on MyOPAC search result screen. You cannot request when the button is not displayed.
You cannot request book delivery from libraries in Hongo campus, so please go to the libraries by yourself. With the libraries in Hongo campus, you can only reserve books on loan to receive at the holding libraries.
学内:文献取り寄せ【有料】    Document Delivery from UTokyo Libraries [Charged]

You can request photocopies or PDF files from UTokyo Libraries. Click Copy or PDF button on MyOPAC search result screen. You cannot request when the buttons are not displayed.
料金 Fee】複写 ( 白黒 ) : 20 円、複写 ( カラー ) : 60 円、 PDF : 20 円( 1 枚当たり)
20 yen per sheet for monochrome, 60 yen per sheet for color, 20 yen per sheet for PDF
学外:図書取り寄せ【有料】    Book Delivery from Other Universities [Charged]

学外から図書を取り寄せることができます。 MyOPAC の検索結果画面で「他大学から取寄」をクリックしてください。
You can request books from other university/institute libraries. Click Copy/Borrow from other univ. on the MyOPAC search result screen.
Loan periods are different by libraries. Please return the books by the due date.
料金 Fee】往復の送料がかかります(合計で 1,300円以上かかります)。
Receiving and returning postage is required (It costs more than 1,300 yen in total).
取り寄せの送料は ATM銀行振込でお支払いいただきます。返送の送料は切手でお持ちください。
Postage for receiving is required to be paid by ATM bank transfer. Postage for returning is required to be paid by stamps.

学外:文献複写取り寄せ【有料】 Document Delivery from Other Universities [Charged]

You can request books from other university/institute libraries. Click Copy/Borrow from other univ. on the MyOPAC search result screen.
料金 Fee】 約 30~50 円 / 枚+送料 (図書館により異なります)
Around 30-50 yen per sheet + postage (different by libraries)
国立国会図書館の資料    Materials of the National Diet Library (NDL)

You can request books and photocopies from National Diet Library (NDL) only when they cannot be obtained from other libraries [Charged].
料金 Fee】 文献複写:約 30~90 円 / 枚+梱包量+送料
Photocopy: 30-90 yen per sheet + packing fee + postage.
Borrowing books: Only returning postage (more than 600 yen) is needed by stamps.
You can read the books borrowed from NDL only inside IASA Library.
Photocopies of the books borrowed from NDL should be made by the library staff [Charged].
料金 Fee】 白黒 20 円 / 枚、カラー 60 円 / 枚
20 yen per sheet for monochrome, 60 yen per sheet for color
You can read "NDL digital materials with restricted access" (available only within the facilities of the NDL and on the site of the partner libraries in Japan) on the PC in IASA Library [Free].
Printouts of “NDL digital materials with restricted access” should be made by the library staff [Charged].
料金 Fee】 白黒 20 円 / 枚、カラー 60 円 / 枚
20 yen per sheet for monochrome, 60 yen per sheet for color

支払い方法(私費)   Payment (Private Expense)

When the requested materials arrive, IASA Library send you a notification email of payment. When you receive the mail, please transfer the charge notified by the email to the following bank account. Be careful not to mistake the account number and the amount of money.

送金先銀行口座 Bank Account Information
銀行名:三井住友銀行             Bank name: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
支店名:東京第一支店             Branch: Tokyo Daiichi Shiten
口座種別:普通預金                 Account Type: Ordinary Account (Futsu Yokin)
口座番号: 9520074                Account No.: 9520074
口座名義:国立大学法人東京大学 Account Name: Kokuritsu Daigaku Houjin Tokyo Daigaku

安田講堂横の三井住友銀行ATMで平日 8:45~18:00 に振込すると手数料がかかりません。他の振込方法により振込手数料がかかる場合はご負担下さい。
Transfer fee is not charged when you make a bank transfer at the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank ATM beside the Yasuda-Kodo Hall during 8:45 am – 6:00 pm on weekdays. When you transfer by other method, transfer fee will be charged.
安田講堂 Yasuda Kodo Hall   http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/campusmap/cam01_00_01_j.html
ATM 振込後、すぐに ATM振込受領書を東文研図書室に持参してください(平日 9:20-16:50)。 ATM振込受領書と引き換えに文献をお渡しします。
After the ATM transfer, bring the ATM receipt to IASA Library as soon as possible (9:20 am – 4:50 pm on weekdays). You can receive your requested materials in exchange for the ATM receipt.
In case of book delivery from other university/institute libraries, also bring postage stamps for returning.
When you request PDF delivery from UTokyo Libraries and receive a mail form the holding library that notifies the availability of the PDF, please make a bank transfer the amount to the above bank account as soon as possible. IASA Library does not send any emails in case of PDF delivery.
Sometimes you should make payment by other methods than the above, so please read the notification email carefully.

支払い方法(公費)   Payment (Public Expense)

Only faculty members who have individual research expense can request by public expense.

The total charge is deducted from the individial research expense once a year.

個人研究費以外の公費(科研費など)で支払う場合は、私費で申し込み、文献到着後に私費で支払いした後、 東文研の会計担当で立替払いの手続きをお取りください。
When you would like to pay by public expense other than individual research expense, please request by private expense and make payment on the arrival of the requested items, then take a procedure for a refund at the Account Section of IASA.


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