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 Welcome to visit Yasuhiro Matsuda’s official website. He is conducting an academic research of international politics in East Asia, especially focusing on China and Taiwan. This website is aiming at introducing his academic works and activities. You can find more detailed information in Japanese pages.


About the Downloads of Matsuda's Publications by Japanese (Japanese Version Only)
Yasuhiro Matsuda's Clipping Blog (Japanese Version Only)
2015.8.16 update "Research Projects"
2015.8.7 update "Profile and Academic CV"
2015.7.14 update "Profile and Academic CV"
2015.6.26 update "Profile and Academic CV"
2015.6.23 A speech entitled The End of Chiang Kai-shek's Policy of Reconquering Mainland China (in Japanese)
2015.6.23 update "Profile and Academic CV"


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