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 Welcome to visit Yasuhiro Matsuda’s official website. He is conducting an academic research of international politics in East Asia, especially focusing on China and Taiwan. This website is aiming at introducing his academic works and activities. You can find more detailed information in Japanese pages.


About the Downloads of Matsuda's Publications by Japanese (Japanese Version Only)
Yasuhiro Matsuda's blog (Japanese Version Only) 
2019.10.19 Interview on CPC's 19th Party Congress (Chinese only)
On-line journal"Contemporary Japan and East-Asian Studies" was launched. 
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2017.07.31 SYNODOS's Interview on cross-Strait relations (Japanese)
2018.07.28 Book review of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's memoir               (Japanese)
2016.06.30 Speech on Taiwan's New Administration and Cross-Strait Relations (in Japanese)
2016.06.28 An interview on President Tsai Ing-wen by Yomiuri Journal (in Japanese)
2016.05.20 English publication on China's UNPKO policy
2016.05.06 Speech at FCCJ on "Taiwanese New Government" (Japanese and English)


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