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Welcome to Jin Sato’s Website!

The following is an outline of my research interests and teaching emphasis. The content is particularly targeted for foreign researchers and students.

1) Research Interests

My research interests cover broadly the political economy of development, natural resources and foreign aid with a regional focus on Southeast Asia.
I am generally looking at the intersections of environment and development. I take a problem-oriented, non-disciplinary, fieldwork and case driven approach in my research.

Chiang mai, Thailand

My publications can be grouped into works on 1) the politics of forest control and administration in Thailand, 2) problems of disaster assistance and the distribution of emergency goods, 3) case study methods and discussions concerning interdisciplinary studies, 4) general resource policy with a focus on post war Japan, and 5) emerging aid donors in Asia.

2) Teaching Emphasis

I teach three graduate level courses: Development Studies (at the School of Public Policy), Environmental Politics and Policy (English course taught at Frontier Sciences), and Principles of Resource Policy (Frontier Sciences). I also hold a weekly seminar for my advisees at the department and a monthly writing workshop with my doctoral students. My courses are known to be weighty among students since there is a reasonable amount of reading to do be done each week. So far I think this teaching approach is the best from an educational viewpoint and the result of student evaluations seem to confirm my belief.

3) For Prospective Students

I will be taking a sabbatical leave from September 2010 for one year. For those who are thinking go applying, please take this into consideration.