Mahmud Khaji died in 1475 and it seems that he converted the building in question into his tomb by himself while still alive. However, the construction seems to have been done in a hurry and it collapsed immediately after its completion. It was repaired under the rule of the 3rd Mugarid emperor Akbar, according to an inscription. In recent times, it was excavated by John Marshall and the construction came into full view. The entire building and the tomb stone of the sultan are situated in the middle of three tombs at@the centre of the mausoleum. It is assumed to have been built using plenty of white, black and yellow marble throughout. Judging from the basements of some structure, it is assumed to have been a majestic building. Standing on the base of the remains, one can see that the tomb of this sultan is built in line with the Jama Masjid and Hoshang Shah's tomb.From this, one can understand the power of the King of that time, who ordered this building constructed.@(Matsuo Ara)

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