@This mosque consists of the west prayer room of 4 spans in depth, corridors of 1 span in depth in the south, east, north, and the central courtyards. There are three domes of considerable size and width above the west prayer room. What is noteworthy is that the entire mosque is built on a high basement with a line of arch-shaped niches. Because of this high basement, wide stairs projecting to the east are provided in the eastern side of the majestic gate of the east entrance. Unfortunately, the darwaza supported by a line of pillars have mostly collapsed as has a dome that used to be on the top.

@The pillars in the entrance room are in Hindu style as are those in the west prayer room and the corridors. Judging from this, this mosque is assumed to have been constructed by Hindu workmen, like the other buildings. Viewing these Hindu style pillars and the ceiling of Hindu style inside of the west prayer room, one may feel as if one is in a Hindu temple. Only when one finds the central mihrab and 7 arch-shaped niches, would he recognize that he is in a prayer room of a mosque. The central mihrab with a double arch on the west wall of the prayer room was damaged, when I saw it. It had some traces of blue tiles. (Matsuo Araj


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