@The entire building forms a T-shape. It has a recutangular main room with three arch-shaped openings in the south front and six on either sides. There is a long two-tiered room in the north, extending from east to west. Considering the style, etc., it is a convincing theory that the northern part of the building was added later on. Arches at the front and the sides are exceptionally high and long . There are arch-shaped niches inside each arch at the top and bottom. Some scholars assume that the second floor of the extended part was meant for women. On the roof, there is a high wall with battlements, giving further dignity to this building. While the ceiling has collapsed, the inside of the building features majestic arches supporting the roof in line and an arch-shaped window for light. They communicate the courtly atmosphere of an audience with King of the period. (Matuo Ara)


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