@In many aspects of its form and structure, this mosque follows Atala Masjid. Its imposing appearance is further emphasized by the entire building being built on a basement, its pylon-shaped majestic entrance gate with double arches, and the long stairs in front of the gate. Some consider these as having an influence from mosques built under the Firoz Shah reign in Delhi. However, the spacious main prayer room, tunnel vaults in the prayer rooms of the either sides, and rich open work seen in various places of outside/inside walls are features not seen in other mosques in Jaunpur. There are some scholars including Dr. Percy Brown that recognize a certain kind of "decadence" in the workmenship of the following generation nearly one century after the foundation of both the Atala Masjid, a masterpiece of the early Jaupur type mosque, and the Jama Masjid, the last majestic mosque of the same type. (Matsuo Ara)