Research and Information Centre for Asian Studies attached to Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo has been engaging in an inventory of photos of Islamic architecture, which were taken by The Mission for Indian History and Archaeology University of Tokyo.The photos extend to 261 rolls of 4 x 5 size (12-exposure), 283 rolls of 6 x 9 size (8-exposure), 627 rolls of 6 x 6 size (12-exposure), 426 rolls of 35mm (36-exposure) black and white negatives, and 650 frames of colour positive films. Although these include commemorative pictures and pictures of scenery including Hindu and Buddhist remains, those of Islamic architecture alone count approximately 20,000 pieces.

 The Mission for Indian History and Archaeology University of Tokyo was composed of Tatsuro Yamamoto (Leader, currently honorary professor of Tokyo University), Matsuo Ara (Vice-leader, currently honorary professor of Tokyo University, History), Tokifusa Tsukinowa (currently honorary professor of University of the Sacred Heart, Archaeology), Sashirou Saegusa (Photographer), Taichi Ooshima (Photo surveyor). They conducted field study twice, in 1959-60 and 1961-62. The purpose of the research group was to survey Islamic architecture of Sultanate period (Beg. of 13th century -mid 16th century) entirely. In addition, important Islamic architecture in local areas such as Bengal, Deccan and Gujarat etc. was studied.

 Filed by building, it was found that approximately 750 cases of data of Indian Islamic architecture, 500 cases in Delhi and 230 cases in local areas, were held. This photo data is seen as precious data showing the state of the buildings, which have been destroyed, roughly repaired or became a part of urbanization, 40 years ago. Also it is important to note that these photos were taken by large size camera.

 Currently we are working on re-filing the photo data and putting it on a database for disclosure. This fiscal year we digitized 3000 pieces of 4 x 5 photos. Now, we disclose 197 pieces of 4 x 5 photos by city and by building. As for an introduction to each building, commentary was referred from the latest work of Matsuo Ara, honorary professor of Tokyo University who was a member of the research group,"Indian Islamic Architecture in the Medieval Period" (Iwanami Shoten). We plan to disclose about 2,300 pieces of photo of remnants of old buildings in Delhi later on this fiscal year.